This historic square is a key connecting element between the East and the West coast in Rhodes, in an area of ongoing development. The presence of both local residents and tourists, everyday facilities, small business and hotels, calls for a year-round solution.

Taking advantage of the favourable climate, we proposed to harvest the frequent winter rains in order to feed three different water features that will cool the atmosphere through evaporation and produce enough humidity for a lush oasis to grow. The plantation is organized in different levels to provide both shadow and density. The ring road is re-paved with water-permeable concrete and evened out: the three squares with their precious black marble floor are nestled flush in it for the best accessibility. The rest of the surface is left unpaved and permeable. The casual urban furniture encourages informal gathering and unplanned activities.

Competition 1st prize, 2016.  Rhodes, Greece.

in collaboration with Alkistis Thomidou, Giulia Domeniconi.