This research and pilot project was initiated to explore and understand how digital technologies may be a tool in addressing current environmental, social and political challenges in underserved communities in urban Thailand. The App aims to utilize an online platform for community engagement and empowerment, collectively identifying existing assets and seeking opportunities for improving their physical condition through an evidence based approach.

Through this process that involves and encourages the social activity of existing community members, it is intended that the digital platform can serve as a central point for fostering a greater sense of ownership and identity in the area, helping to build thenecessary coalitions and social capital needed to influence future development in Nang Loeng towards ecological and socially sustainable goals.

for Urban Studies Lab, Bangkok, 2019.

Principal Investigators: Gian Maria Socci, Pongpisit Huyakorn, Pin Udomcharoenchaikit
Researchers: Pitchaya Huyakorn,
Nichapat Sanunsilp, David Fiske
Research Assitants: Akarawit Sapsangthong, Yada Pornchamn
Assitant, graphics: Pattarawan Rungrattawatchai
Research consultant: Max Schwitalla

Sponsored by: Schindler AG