The Carnival period is widely considered to be a time for feasting, which was the straightforward inspiration behind The Carnival Table. However, in much the same way that the traditional festivities are considered to be a time of transformation so too is the table itself. Designed to be individual masks used as part of the parade at the end of the festival, these abstract pizza-shaped pieces connect to form a large communal table where people can come together to share in the culture of food. The Carnival Table is at once about the individual and the collective, its creators concerned of the modern issues surrounding migration yet hoping to express a more pleasant view of the topic through each of our own varied connections with food and culture.

for Hello Wood International Festival, Hungary, 2019.

a project of Space Saloon
in collaboration with LemonotZsófia Szonja Illés.

Students: Igor Nesterov, Dominika Ufnal, Alice Kim, Ian Davide Bugarin, Carla Procida