For the yearly Maslenitsa in Nikola-Lenivets sculpture park, we propose to present the experience of the bonfire as an intimate but collective ritual. Sunrise/Sunset is a participatory artwork that embraces the ancient origins of Maslenitsa and proposed the metaphor of the rebirth of the sun as an optimistic celebration of collective mindfulness and hope.

We invite all people to take ownership of the artwork by filling it with their desires, hopes, wishes, secrets, fears, love declarations and all else they wish to express. This sculpture is to become a participatory act, where festival-goers are meant to complete the piece by writing, carving, adding, creating objects onto a supporting framework. The latter will serve both as main structure and as a collector of the additional elements. The participatory act will enable a sense of ownership and personalization of the artwork, transforming it into a personal-collective experience. This allows for the spectator to take an active part in the creation, becoming, in fact, the backbone of the performative work while, at the same time, enabling a ritualistic experience to take place. After the completion of the piece, the large crowd will look at this great structure and engage in the satisfactory act of immortalizing their expressions through fire. The performative process “Sunrise / Sunset”, will be divided into IV acts, a division that represents the natural cycle of life, nature, and the universe – ACT I : Awakening, ACT II : Sunrise, ACT III: Sunset, ACT IV: Sleep.

for Nikola-Lenivets Art Park, 2019.
in collaboration with
Romea Muryn