The community of San Patrignano is the largest and most advanced facility for the psycological treatment and social reintegration of people affected by several types of addicitons in Europe. The building sits on the footprint of an existing stable, adopting the same U-shape that shelters a central courtyard. Social spaces are arranged around it in a carefully layered gradient of increasing privacy. The construction process relies completely on prefabricated wooden panels, granting speed and precision, coherent with the seriality inherent the architectural concept. The overdimensioned portico unifies 3 separate volumes, providing shelter from the elements and doubling as greenhouse on the roof terrace. The latter also constitutes a primary feature of environmental control, managing solar gain or shading in the different seasons, and organising rainwater harvest for phitodepuration and recycling as in the grey-water network. At the urban scale, a series of open drains, inspired by the “levadas” of Madeira, connects the building to a larger scheme of sustainable water management.

Commission. Project Leader at Chair of Architecture & Urban Design, ETH Zürich. 2015/2016.
Landscape architects: OKRA

Local architects: 2A+ Studio

Team: Minami Nagano, Thuy Lee