The competition was launched right after the infamous riots of Syntagma Square. The ultimate intention of our design was to reinvent this place of representational power as a field open to citizens’ bottom-up initiative.
The proposal provides a spatial framework which encourages and triggers creative initiatives, investing in the inhabitants’ spontaneous appropriation of their urban environment.

By grafting the planned infrastructure, which is an effective, costly and permanent intervention, the city will be provided with a framework for spontaneous appropriation: a spine is created for small-scale elements to be plugged-in and serve people’s contemporary daily needs. Kitchens, tables, lounge chairs, workstations, bathrooms, ponds, projectors, power sockets and Wi-Fi, water fountains, herb gardens, bike repairing stations, gyms create a habitable environment. Through this array of open and approachable facilities, people regain their right to rethink Athens.

Three main squares pinpoint the intervention with programs of higher
intensity, becoming also hubs for multimodal transport. The perpendicular
streets on the other hand, are reshaped with minimal interventions to
nurture the existing local activities.

Competition 3rd prize, 2013. Athens, Greece.

in collaboration with Alkistis Thomidou and Also Known As Architects.

Team: Planning consultant: Salvatore di Dio.
Landscape consultant: Karolos Hanikian
Structural Engineering consultant: Ioannis G. Spinassas, Christos Spanos, Ioannis Lepidas
Climate consultant: Panagiotis Gkatsopoulos
Sustainable Transport consultant: Irina Tumini